I am a fully registered GOSC Osteopath with an active background in sports and a Certificate of Applied Functional Science (CAFS) from the Gray Institute USA. I combine a holistic “classical” osteopathic approach with functional CAFS assessments to postural examination, treatment and injury rehabilitation.

Along with my regular clinic client list, I regularly work with athletes of different backgrounds and standards including GB rowers, triathletes, weight lifters, golfers and stuntmen to enhance athletic performance. Whether a professional athlete or a weekend sportsman, I provide the sports client with a tailored care and injury rehabilitation programme.


My interest in Osteopathy stems from a life long involvement in sports of all kind. Having represented GB at the 2006 World Middle Distance Triathlon Championships, I continue to participate in long distance triathlon and cycling events including Etape Du Tour, Tour of Flanders and Liege Bastogne Liege races and I’m hoping to add the Milan San Remo to his “palmares” in the coming years.


Certification in Applied Functional Science (Gray Institute USA)
I have gained a Certification in Applied Functional Science from the prestigious Gray Institute USA, enabling me to combine osteopathic techniques and functional training techniques to assess, treat injuries and work with clients looking to enhance their sports performance.






Don’t abandon all hope if you pick an injury before the big event

As Sergeant Jones in Dad’s Army would famously say “don’t panic, don’t panic!!”. Now is not the time to panic – make sure you give yourself every chance of making it to the start line in good shape for a personal best! At last, for many of you, the months of dragging yourself to the gym, out on the bike or for a run in the cold and dark are […]

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Ten ways to break yourself with training, whilst having a naff time in the process

1)   No plan. Turning up, or just ‘gymming’ is great way to burn hours doing random ‘nothingness’, or as we like to call it ‘undirected training’. It makes no gains and you’re likely to pick up an injury through unconsciousness, repetitive exercise. Pointless. Have a monthly plan! 2)   Very bad form. I mean really bad form. Thinking you’re lifting 50 kgs with your biceps, when you’re really just arching your […]

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