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Specialist Osteopathy

I use a wide variety of osteopathic techniques, depending on the needs of my client. These can include ‘classical’ or whole body osteopathic techniques, soft tissue and massage, joint articulation and manipulative techniques, strapping and taping. I then give my clients specific, tailored advice on posture and the resumption of the exercise and activities they love. 

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Many sportspeople have regular osteopathic treatment to prevent as well as treat injuries. Athletes of all ages sustain injuries for many reasons. My skills lie in identifying through observation, poor movement patterns behind the injury.  For example, reduced joint range of movement and poor muscle control can lead to an overload and painful knee. Often the underlying problem lies outside the actual knee joint – and it may be poor recruitment or sequencing of the hip flexors, glutes and hip that are to blame. This causes contracture of the quad muscle, leading to mal-tracking of the knee cap, and a sore knee. In addition there may be associated poor recruitment of power, stability and balance. This prevents the sports person performing to his or her full potential. I can spot these postural and movement deficiencies and correct them with a very tailored rehab programme. This is sometimes known as ‘Functional Osteopathy’, and it’s a very effective method of treatment and enhancing recovery. Often this high-level, dynamic and integrative exercise rehab process is missing in traditional rehab protocols. Or putting it another way, it’s more than just a few clam-shell exercises for your ‘weak glutes’…

Enhanced Sports Performance

Impaired athletic performance results from a myriad of cause including body asymmetry, altered compensatory mechanics and poor body weight movement patterns. Performance can be improved by observing and working with the client in upright movement, combining osteopathic treatment with tailored functional rehabilitation exercises designed to improve postural movement patterns, functional symmetry, balance and range of motion. These tailored exercises include specific core, mobility, strengthening and integrative exercises and 3 Dimensional movement patterns.

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